So I was scrolling through Facebook today and came across a post  that absolutely flabbergasted me. I will share some of the post with you here but first I will say this. I understand that everyone is on a different journey of understanding the diversity in our world and understanding one another but it is pretty ballsy to be making some of the following comments I will talk about on social media for all to see. Coming across the ideas and thoughts this individual posted, made me realize that even though I feel like I have a long journey of making sense of and understanding what it means to be a treaty person, it also reaffirmed that I am farther along on my journey than many others.

…..” I haven’t had medical coverage for years…. Of course I still have to pay for the medical coverage for the greasy homeless people who drink stolen listerine and call an ambulance for themselves every night.”

The individual then mentions that one individual estimates that it costs the government 1.2 million dollars a year for 2 people’s medical costs.

The next part the individual talks about is the fact that they get ” blackout drunk, call the ambulance, get a warm bed and a meal and are escorted out when they sober up, only to repeat the cycle”.

As if the crude assumptions weren’t enough, this individual had to post a comment on the post, here is the part that flabbergasted me:

“Residential schools didn’t work lol. They should have been more harsh. They haven’t even stopped the incest rape in the community. We don’t even speak about it. Just let the raping continue and we wonder why Jimmy the cree dude from Stanley mission has an alcohol problem……..”

Wow. I am lost for words, there are so many things wrong with all of what is said, I don’t even know where to begin. If only this individual would take a step back and realize that Residential Schools were indeed harsh enough, and that they are the cause of many of the challenges survivors and their families face. They are dealing with the abuse the best they can and who are you to judge how they are coping.

So narrow minded and so many judgements and assumptions made with such lack of care or understanding of the situation as a whole. So much to learn………







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