Treaty Walk Representation

treaty walk

Creating a visual representation of this journey I have embarked on was not an easy thing to do. It’s interesting to look back to where I was on the first day I walked into ECCU 400. Coming into this class I would consider the knowledge I had very minimal and experiences were non-existent. When I thought of how I wanted to represent my journey, I decided I would use words and phrases to illustrate the transformation that has taken place over the semester. I chose to use the infinity sign as a symbol of my journey to represent that my Treaty Walk and coming to understand what that means to be a Treaty person is a never-ending journey. This journey will not end here, it will continue on for the rest of my life as I seek to understand and share my knowledge and understanding with my students. By doing so I hope to light a fire of desire within my students to seek to understand and value those we share these Treaty lands with. The colors I have used for this representation are gold and silver. The writing in silver communicates what I came into this journey with, including feelings and prior experiences and learning. The gold represents the feelings, experiences, and understandings that have unfolded this semester. After I finished creating this, it was heart-warming to see that I have indeed grown in many ways over the course of the semester and as I said, this is “ A never ending journey that has just begun”.




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